First of all, remember that you will need to accept the ticket transfer by clicking on the link in your "Accept tickets" email.

Once you accepted them, please use the Wimbledon app to manage your tickets. Remember that tickets won't be able from our StubHub app. You will be able to:

View your tickets

  1. Go to Tickets tab
  2. You can see the calendar of the competition – Please, choose the day you purchased. 
  3. Now, you can see the ticket(s) vinculated to your Wimbledon's account  

Please note that your QR code will be only visible on the event day.

Transfer to my friend

It's quick and easy! Your tickets can only be transferred once your guests have downloaded and registered on the Wimbledon 2023 app. 

  1. Tap on Tickets tab
  2. Select the ticket you want to share with them and tap on Transfer Ticket
  3. Complete the fields with the email address of your guest and then, click on Submit – Remember that, just like it happened to you... They wiill need to download and registered on the Wimbledon app. 

Access the venue

On the event day... 

  1. Open the Wimbledon 2023 App 
  2. Go to Tickets tab
  3. Select the ticket you want to use and tap on Show Full Ticket
  4. You can see the QR code (only visible on the event day). Scan at the gate to access the venue and... enjoy the match! ;)

Any mention or reference to the Wimbledon Official app is for informational purposes only and does not imply any official association.

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