Listing tickets on StubHub International is easy and free! 

  1. Click Sell > Sell tickets from the home page or Sell tickets from an event page. Sign in (or create) a StubHub account
  2. Follow the steps. There are 2 type of tickets available:   
    • PDF – Do you have the tickets? If so, please choose Upload now. If not, Upload later and Select date
    • Mobile Transfer – Do you have the tickets? If so, please choose Ready to transfer. If not, Transfer later and Select date.
  3. Add a valid credit card (we require this to keep users safe)
  4. Choose how you'd like to be paid if they sell
  5. Click Create listing

You’ll get a confirmation email when your tickets are listed. Manage your listings through My tickets Listings

What price should I set for my tickets?

When you list tickets on StubHub International, you can price them however you'd like.

Make sure tickets are together

Tickets in a listing must be together. If they’re not consecutive, you can create separate listings for each ticket you wish to list on StubHub International.

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Make sure to set your payment method in your StubHub account

Use a desktop or the mobile web to update payment settings