PayPal is a safe and easy way for to buy tickets and get paid for selling tickets. 

Buying or selling using this method

You can link a PayPal account to your StubHub International account directly from your profile or at checkout.

  • Linking a PayPal account from your profile
  1. Go to Settings > Payment 
  2. Under Payment options for buying tickets, choose Add a new payment option
  3. Click PayPal. Log in with your PayPal credentials
  4. Select your billing address
  • Linking a PayPal account at checkout
  1. At Review & Buy, click Add a new payment
  2. Choose PayPal
  3. Follow the steps

There is the option of payment in installments through PayPal. Once you have selected PayPal as the payment method, you will be able to choose single payment or payment in installments. Applicable only for certain types of transactions.

Changing my PayPal email address

To change your PayPal email address to buy tickets on StubHub International:

  1. Go to Profile > Settings > Payment Payment
  2. Under Payment options for buying tickets, click the trash can next to the PayPal account you want to remove
  3. Click Add a new payment option
  4. Enter the new PayPal email address