StubHub Wallet is a section available in your Profile where you will be able to:

Checking the balance

If you added the gift card to your StubHub International account, you'll see the available balance under Profile > StubHub Wallet.

If you didn't, the full amount remains on the card.

Checking the expiration

Most credits StubHub issues are valid for an entire year. You can check the expiration date by login into your Profile > StubHub Wallet and then, see the detail next to "Good until {date}" sentence. 

For example:

Adding a new code

StubHub International gift codes are case-sensitive, which means you need to enter them exactly as they appear (including dashes).

Adding from a desktop

  1. Go to Profile > StubHub Wallet
  2. Enter the gift code number
  3. Click Add

Adding from the StubHub app

  1. On the Review & Buy page at checkout, tap Gift codes
  2. Tap the sign
  3. Enter the gift code number. Tap Add.
  4. Check the code you want to use and Apply