Do I need to create an account to buy tickets?

We strongly recommend creating an account. As a registered user, you can see in your account all your purchases and also re-sell tickets.

Signing up on StubHub International

  1. Go to our StubHub International website
  2. Click Sign in
  3. At the bottom of the popup, click Sign up
  4. Enter your first and last name, email address, and a password. Or click Sign up with Facebook to use your Facebook info.
  5. Click Sign up

Buying as a guest on StubHub International

  1. Go to the event page
  2. Select the tickets that you want and click on Checkout
  3. When you are asked to log in, select Continue as guest
  4. After completing your purchase, you'll get a confirmation email with a link to create the password you will need to access your order.

Finding events

On the home page, you can find the event you are looking for by typing in the name of the game, band, play, etc. By also introducing the name of the city, you can get quicker results. 

If you'd rather take a look at all the events taking place in a specific city and time frame, you can use the city and date filters at the top right of the home page, just below the profile button.

Selecting tickets

Once you are on the event page, you'll find all the listings currently available. Tickets can be purchased by buyers or removed by sellers at any time. Don't wait too long! Click on the listing you want and then Checkout.

If you need help using the filters, we recommend taking a look here. In this other article, you can get more information about the delivery methods.

Completing my purchase

On the checkout page, take a look again at the ticket details and make sure you have the correct tickets. In the delivery box, you'll see the delivery method and the estimated delivery date. 

If you have any discount code, you can select Add discounts and then either pick one of the codes you already introduced in your account or add a new one.

Finally, under payment method, you'll see your default choice. If it's a credit/debit card, you'll only need to introduce your CVV. If you want to change or add it for the first time, click on Add/Change payment method and introduce your information.

You can buy tickets on StubHub International with major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • There is the option of payment in installments through Paypal. Once you have selected Paypal as the payment method, you will be able to choose single payment or payment in installments. Applicable only for certain types of transactions.

Once you decide on your payment method, click on Buy now.

Congratulations! You just bought tickets on StubHub International. We'll let you know when your tickets are available or when they are shipped.

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