After buying tickets, you can still change your shipping address from your account.

  • Go to My tickets > Orders
  • Did the tickets already ship?
    • Yes, the tickets are in-transit: Please contact us. We'll check if there's enough time to reroute your package to a different address.
    • No, the tickets didn't ship yet: Update the shipping info on the order. If you need them shipped to a hotel or friend or family member's place, contact them first so they can expect the delivery. Hotels may not hold packages long. Once you have notified, follow these steps to change the address:
      • Under the order, click View details and then on Change delivery address 
      • If you already have the address in your profile, select the address and tap on Save
      • If it's a new address, click on Add a new address, fill in the info and finally, tap on Save.

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