You can create a listing with a ship later option. 

How to create the listing?

 It's important to choose the format of the ticket

  • Paper: click on Ship later
  • PDF: click on Upload later 
  • Mobile Transfer: Click on Transfer later

And then, pick the latest date possible to deliver them from the calendar icon (if it's not already selected for you). 

How to ship later?

  • For Paper, please, check this article
  • For Mobile Transfer, here you can find the different mobile transfer we have available in our website. 
  • For PDF, when the tickets are ready... Just follow there steps. In case you are reselling, you will need to:
    1. Download them from My tickets > Orders
    2. Save the file to your computer
    3. Upload the PDFs to the listing or sale: 
      • If the tickets didn't sell yet: Upload them to My tickets > Listings
      • The tickets already sold: Deliver them to your buyer through My tickets > Sales