In the coming weeks, StubHub’s North America and international businesses will separate and two distinct platforms will be created for our users. As a result of this separation, there may be an impact on customers’ orders, listings, or sales. 

What is StubHub International?

The StubHub International business includes all the countries where StubHub operates outside the United States and Canada. 


I have heard that StubHub International and StubHub North America entities are splitting, how will this impact my account?

Access to your account on StubHub International sites won’t change. Effective June 23 If you have active orders, sales, or listings for events taking place in the US or Canada, you can manage those orders, sales, and listings on and/or

How do I access my orders, sales, and listings on and/or

You can access your order, sales, and listings on and/or using the same email and password you use to access your existing StubHub account.

I recently sold tickets on StubHub. Will this separation impact those sales? 

Most sales will not be impacted by this separation, however sales for events taking place in the U.S. and Canada will need to be managed on and/or after June 23. StubHub has communicated directly by email to customers whose sales were impacted. 

How should I manage my orders, sales and listings for events taking place in international countries (outside the US and Canada) after the separation? 

Information on your orders, sales, and listings information for events taking place in international countries will remain in your StubHub account and can be managed there as usual. 

I have credit in my account in U.S. and/or Canadian dollars. Will I be able to use this credit after separation? 

Yes. You will be able to use your credit after separation. Your credit in U.S. and/or Canadian dollars will be available to you in your account on and/or After separation, you will no longer see this credit in your International account. 

I have questions regarding my orders, sales, or listings for an event in the U.S. and/or Canada, who should I contact? 

If you require support relating to your orders, sales, or and listings for events in the US and Canada, please visit the North America Help Center or contact the North America Customer Service team. 


What are the hours of operation for the International Customer Experience team?

Visit StubHub’s Help Center for updated information on hours of operation.