To update your default payment method for selling tickets:

  1. Go to Profile Setttings 
  2. Under the Payment tab in Payment options for selling tickets
    • If you choose PayPal, we’ve pre-populated your PayPal email to match your StubHub International info. If this isn’t right, click the pencil to update the email address.
    • If you choose direct deposit, click Add a new direct deposit account for selling. Enter your billing address and bank account info. 
  3. Click Save.

When you update your default payment method, we'll change both existing and new listings. It doesn’t apply to In Progress payments for already sold tickets. 

Do you want to remove the bank account information? 

Once you add a bank account to your StubHub International account, we can't delete or edit the info. We don't store any bank account info once the account is registered.  If you want to remove your bank account info, please contact us