What is viagogo?

viagogo is a leading worldwide ticket marketplace for live sport, music and entertainment events. Both viagogo and StubHub give fans transparency, choice and competitive ticket prices in a trusted and secure environment. Combined, these complementary marketplaces will sell hundreds of thousands of tickets daily across more than 70 countries. This partnership will give fans seamless access to a wider selection of inventory around the world. Sellers, teams and artists can also more effectively reach a broader global audience. 


What will this ownership change mean for StubHub customers?

The strategic partnership between StubHub and viagogo will offer fans many more chances to attend events. Sports, music and theater fans will have a wider selection of live event tickets across the world. StubHub sellers can reach an even broader global buyer audience.

Are my tickets still valid?

Yes, your StubHub tickets are still valid.


Will I still get my tickets?

Yes, sellers will continue to deliver your tickets.


Is StubHub changing its name?

We have not made a decision about the company name.


Will my StubBucks/credits/promo codes still be valid?

We are not changing StubBucks, credits, or promos right now.


Will the gift cards I bought still be valid?

Yes, you can use your gift cards. If that changes in the future, we will tell you in advance.


Will you maintain two separate brands or roll them into one? 

We have not decided how we'll operate or whether the brands will remain separate. eBay has signed a definitive agreement with viagogo to create a strategic partnership and form a global live experiences marketplace.


Will StubHub still operate as its own company under new ownership?  

We are not currently changing the way we operate.


Will I still be paid the same way?

Yes, there are no payment changes.


If StubHub combines with a competitor, what will happen to my current sell fees?

We are not currently changing our pricing structure or fees.


What will happen to my Top Seller rep?

We are not changing your point of contact right now. 


What happens to Ticket Utils? 

Ticket Utils remains part of StubHub. 


Will I continue to use StubHub's API Developer Portal if StubHub is under new ownership or combined with a competitor? 

We are not changing the Developer Portal at this time. 


If StubHub maintains its own website, will buyer fees change? 

We are not changing our pricing structure or fees at this time.


How long until StubHub is "officially" separated from eBay? 

We expect the deal to close in the first quarter of 2020. 


Will StubHub still be integrated with MLB, NCAA, and other organizations?

Yes, this announcement did not change our partnerships.


Will StubHub continue to take supply positions under new ownership? 

Yes, StubHub will continue to partner with select teams or artists to buy and resell a portion of a partner’s ticket inventory. Although this is a small portion of our business, some partners ask us to fill venues and get more fans to more events.